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mama, I love you

Mama, I Love You  - S/S 18

Design: Hong Anh Pham
Models: Emeli Miyake, Thu Lan Nguyen
Photographer: Nailya Bikmurzina
Styling: Mads Dinesen

Fashion video

Models: Cindy Lin, Ney Tran
Camera: Rio Sierra
Cut: Hong Anh Pham
Music: Mentalife 66

The project Mama, I love you raises awareness about racial fetishisation, sexism, racism and cultural appropriation towards people of Asian descent.

It also explores the contruction of self by the individual of (South) East Asian origin socialized in a Western society being confronted with racist stereotypes in everyday life. The collection draws inspiration from conversations with photographer Irma Fadhila, Thanh Thu Nguyen and talks at events like I am not a fortune cookie.

One’s self perception is heavily influenced by the perception through others. The collection appropriates the “Asian” clichées and amplifying them ad absurdum to challenge the eye of the spectator.

Mama, I love you is especially dedicated to all women of (S)EA decent who struggle with racial fetishisation and all migrant mothers who have fed their childre noodle soups when didn‘t find time to cook inbetween workshifts and managed to make delicious with what they had.

Mama, I Love You was featured in the Made in Vietnam Art Magazine and presented at the Made in Vietnam Art Exhibition on 09.03.2019 in Hanoi.

Made in Vietnam

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Feature in Art Magazine Made in Vietnam 3 &  exhibition in Hanoi, 2019

clichée - moodboard     print and embroidery development     accessoiry development    

keywords: identity, stereotypes, clichées, racism, South East Asians, viet khieu

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