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hyper // function
a product of the self optimization trend

I don’t have enough time. - Hong (around 2016-2020)

hyper // function - f/w 17/18

Design: Hong Anh Pham
Models: Luisa Reek, Jane Weinfurtner
Photographer: Nathalie François
Assistant: Thanh Thu Nguyen

There is constant pressure to perform at work, at university, as a partner, a friend, a parent, an athlete. With limited resources an individual can struggle to stay ahead of the game. There is a correlation between the demands on an individual and what’s expected from their clothing: as one increases so does the other. How can the act of buying clothes and dressing made simpler to make  time for the actual important things in life?

This collection is a  product of the selfoptimization trend.

The collection pieces presented are part of a capsule collection. It focuses on functionality and versatility.
The single pieces come in few variations with extension packages. Same clothes can be worn to different occassions and changed in functionality through zippers or straps. The single garments have overlapping layers of function, pushing bounderies of sensibility. 

How much can you optimize for functionality of clothes?
How much more can you optimize for functionality of a person? - No compromises in function.

technical drawings     modular functionality

 moodboard      colour scheme      sketches

keywords: self optimization, functionality, workwear