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beautiful corruption

the aesthetic of the error

Boredom and pain are regular states of being. Happiness and luck are aberrant states. Mania causes fatigue, comfort leads to dread. Fatalism might be the best and only way to go from here.
Ren Hang

《每次取完钱》 每次取完钱 我都要数两遍 数第二遍的时候 我总觉得会 多出100块来 2016.01.02《我的爱情》 我的爱情 走了后来又 回来过一次 可是我却 没在家 2016.01.02《爬山》 我真的不明白 为什么那么多人 喜欢去爬山如果我也去爬山 那只可能是为了 爬到山顶 跳下去

Ren Hang inspired photo project by Thanh Thu Nguyen & Hong Anh Pham

beautiful corruption- F/W 18

Photographers & Models: Thanh Thu Nguyen, Hong Anh Pham
Concept: Hong Anh Pham

The aesthetic of the error: Glitch Art describes the elevation of the digital or analogue error as artefacts and bugs to a mean of aesthetic expression. Errors can be achieved by corrupting digital data or through the manipulation of digital devices.

Experimenting with different methods of databending I manipulated intimate photographs inspired by the work of Chinese Photgrapher Ren Hang. Ren Hang passed away in the same year of the creation of this digital print design project. The distortion, though damaging the file, adds new colours and composition  to the original image. Other imagines were edited with Adobe Photoshop to give the impression of a glitch.

The prints were further used as placements or motifs for rapports in textile design. HTML CODE from Ren Hang’s website quoting last diary entries were used as design elements referencing the error notes.

During the project I kept on asking my self:

When is an error be more beautiful than the correct/the accurate?

Which role does coincidence play when creating glitch art?
Is it a real glitch if there is intention?

and also

How does a photograph sound like?

Distortion created with Audacity

prints + placements
keywords: digital art, digital print, glitch art, design by accident, photography

《每次取完钱》 每次取完钱 我都要数两遍 数第二遍的时候 我总觉得会 多出100块来 2016.01.02 《我的爱情》 我的爱情 走了 后来又 回来过一次 可是我却 没在家 2016.01.02 《爬山》 我真的不明白 为什么那么多人 喜欢去爬山 如果我也去爬山 那只可能是为了 爬到山顶 跳下去