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The Graduation Collection

“he was so beautiful because
when he held her he was not concerned with ‘being a man.’
‘being a man’ had nothing to do with this.
these flowers pouring from his chest.

– weightless”

― Nayyirah Waheed, Salt

Antidote - S/S21

Embracing Sensitivity as Inspiration for a Menswear Collection

Traditional masculinity, though having gained more and more negative association as toxic masculinity, is often presented in media as a norm or an ideal to pursue.

Men have to lead.
Men are strong.
Men never show weakness.
Men never cry.

These notions on masculinity can be harmful to others and those men who follow them

I interviewed 10 different people, friends and strangers, about how they define and perform masculinity. We talked about their role models, their own insecurities, their vulnerable moments and eye-opening experiences via Zoom. These conversations showed that masculinity doesn’t exist as a singular concept. Multiple masculinities exist as different interpretations of intersectional masculinity.

During the pandemic I took photos of 10 interviewees in their most masculine and their most self-expressive outfit via FaceTime & Zoom. We discussed the relationship of the act of dressing, fashion,  gender expression and emotional repression.

Based on the conversation I am creating a menswear collection. Within in my bachelor project I am exploring which role fashion/clothing plays in perpetuation of gender stereotypes and gender expression and how design can contribute to a contemporary perspective on masculinity. My collection gives a framework for softer, more sensitive forms of masculinity.



the interviews - first question

how do you define masculinity?

Interviews + shoots via Zoom & FaceTime during lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please present your most masculine and most self-expressive outfit.

In which way does fashion sustain and/or challenge gender stereotypes? 

The Collection

keywords: masculinity, sensitivity, vulnerability, gender, men